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Pm defends govts public school commitment to diversity

Pm defends govts public school commitment to diversity

CAMBRIDGE, Vt. (AP) — A Massachusetts school district said Tuesday it plans to maintain a diversity of cultural views for administrators, teachers and students in its schools.

CAMBRID바카라GE, Vt., plans to maintain the same standards of classroom diversity a바카라s it’s had since 1995, Chief Schools Principal Eric Kaczmarek said in a statement.

“We will encourage the diversity of ideas, opinions, belief systems and viewpoints that are at the core of our schools. We believe this will not only give us a better understanding of our students, but also create greater community and positive social relations at CAMBRIDGE.”

Kaczmarek praised the school district for a commitment to diversity even as his critics called him unprofessional and a big shot.

CAMBRIDGE has seen a dramatic change in student demographics. In recent decades the school has seen its total student population increase to more than 1.2 million.

“At CAMBRIDGE we pride ourselves on supporting the diversity of our students, our cultures and our values — and this means we do not expect all students to be equally integrated,” the statement read. “We are committed to working closely with parents, teachers, administrators, alumni, students and partners on our shared vision of a successful community.”

The Massachusetts charter school system, founded in 1950, has more than 2 million students attending more than 2,500 schools in more than 50 states.

School district officials said Tuesday that about 15 percent of their students report having received some sort of harassment at school — including incidents of racial and sexual insults, threats and physical violence. About 25 percent are currently enrolled in special education, according to the report.

To combat a possible increase in bias incidents, Kaczmarek said the CAMBRIDGE Board will work with state and federal officials to identify any systemic problems, including through ongoing work with state and federal education agencies.

“We will work with our students to betjarvees.comter understand, and ultimately remove barriers that might limit their ability to contribute to a community, but we will not let bias get in the way of learning,” he said.

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